Software Package for an Adaptive Satellite-based Sampling for Oceanographic cruises

The temporal and spatial variability of the horizontal mesoscale and submesoscale circulation strongly affect the marine environment fiels and the biogeochemical budgets which represent a real challenge during in situ measurements. Indeed, samplings which are only few tens of kms or few weeks apart may be representative of very different situations.
The software package SPASSO has been developed to overcome this problem. SPASSO diagnostics are based on NRT acquisition of satellite altimetry and ocean color and model predictions.
SPASSO provides maps of dynamical and biogeochemical structures such as fronts, eddies and filaments, in addition to chlorophyll and SST, which are automatically generated. SPASSO could be used in Delayed Time (DT) for providing produts in a region of interests or else for performing a systematic multi-field DT analysis of a region at various scales. SPASSO is using to guide the in-situ sampling strategy as well as the interpretetion of collected observations. This adaptive strategy based on these diagnostics has been applied during several ocean campaigns since 2010.

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SWINGS (2021)
TONGA (2019)
FUMSECK (2019)
The SPASSO package is freely distributed in the hope that it is useful for oceanographic community. For more information please contact
A.Doglioli, S.Barrillon, A.Ricout, F.d'Ovidio and F.Nencioli
CCE LTER (2017)
SeaQUEST (2016)

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OSCAHR (2015)
OUTPACE (2015)
STRASSE (2012)
KEOPS2 (2011)
LATEX (2010)


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